Safety Tips

Be anonymous & guard it

Being a trusted platform, we always do take care that the members will have the best experience on this platform. We are dedicated to making you have the safe and secure environment. The best thing is that your privacy will not be unearthing until you want. The site is being handled in a great way so that members will not have issues regarding safety.

Starting it slow - Use email!

You may also take help of email in order to continue your conversation with the desired member. This platform has been designed in a way so that you will not confront an issue. The safety is being ensured so that any of your privacy would not interrupt. Many people have got benefitted from it.

Try requesting a photo!

If you have liked a person and wish to go ahead with that then you can also ask for a photo to make sure that you are strongly willing to go with that. You may also share your photo with that special person. Before asking for a photo, you need to accumulate all the information to make sure that that person matches your requirement.

Call up & Text on the Phone!

This is indeed trued that a phone call can unearth a lot of secrets and this cannot be ignored. You may go ahead for calling or texting to make sure that you have chosen the right person. A phone call can give you a great ideal. Make sure that you are not revealing your phone number to a stranger.

Meet only when you think you are READY!

And the next thing is that you need to go ahead to meet only in case if you are all set to go. Do not take a decision quite quickly. Do check the profile and have phone call based communication to get to know more and make your mind that this is the right person to go ahead. And therefore it is advised that you need to go ahead only when you think that you are ready.