Yes. There is no issue if you are a free member and you do like someone as the other member will be allowed to like you back completely free.
There would be many of you havethe same question. And this is not necessary. To have communication, one of the two members is required to be a paid member so that communication can happen. Let’s do understand all this in the easiest way.
In case if a Premium Member does send a direct personalized message to a Free member then the Free member is allowed to reply that personalized members as Premium Member is already a paid member. It means one of the two members need to be paid.
No, there is no need. You can simply send a message to a member irrespective of if they are free or paid. Since you are a paid member, you are allowed to send direct personalized messages. And another user will be allowed to send you to reply irrespective if they are free members. All it is need that one of the two members needs to be paid member.
This is quite simple and you send the message. If you wish to message someone not available online, then do click on the message icon/button and do select the message and this option is available to premium subscribers. And the receiver will receive your message whenever access the official site.
You are allowed to send unlimited messages. It is being introduced that there is a cap at 40 direct messages per day responsible for making sure that there is no profuse spamming.
To put in simple words, Premium members are eligible to send direct messages.
If you are a free member then you are not allowed to send messages to your matches. In order to get able to send a message as well as enjoy premium features, you need to be upgraded so that you can get benefitted of having opportunities and finding and contact your desired match easily.
Yes, you are allowed to get the last login date as well as the time of the other user
There could be various reasons for suspending your profile such as profile usage violation, getting found sending sexually explicit messages, holding suspicious profile, asking for financial help, profile information mismatch, and so on. Please contact our support team.
All you need to take a screenshot showing what error you are having. And you may also send the error details from here.