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Posted on Friday, November 29, 2019

People have mixed experiences with online dating. Some people cannot forget the wonderful experience of online dating for the rest of their life because they have met their soul mate with the help of online dating. Their search resulted in finding a genuine person and now they are in satisfying relationships. On the other hand, many people have their experiences filled with frustration and confusion. Online dating is the same as you date any other way. Searching for your soul mate online has benefits as well as drawbacks.

Now a million dollar question is how to ensure that you date online successfully. In this article, you will find a simple analysis to help you understand the pros and cons of online dating.


In 2012, Finkel and associates conducted a study. They investigated different aspects of online dating. They were evaluating

  • What is the difference between online and traditional dating
  • Benefits and potential problems

Their research showed that online dating is different in three ways.


Pros: with the help of online dating, individuals can meet a lot more genuine partners in comparison to their daily lives. This has become possible because online dating websites have so many search filters that you can use at the time of choosing a partner. These filters will show the profiles of a particular type, lifestyle, location, and education.

Cons: When you will search on the Internet, you will find loads of information about would-be partners. The volumes of information may overwhelm you, but at the same time, it is confusing also. If you have a clear plan in your mind only then you will be able to shop for the perfect partner to spend your life. If you are not willing to find someone to spend your life, then you can find a partner for a casual relationship to Online Dating Indian Sites online.

2. Matching

Pros: there are many dating websites, which conduct a personality testing, and after this, they show you your possible match. This matching process will help individuals find their partners who are more compatible.

Cons: remember that matching is a difficult process and their testing may not bring accurate results.

3. Communication

Pros: online dating gives you the flexibility to know your date before meeting in real life. Online communication is safe and convenient, as you are not moving out of your home to date an unknown person. Busy people will find it an excellent way to know more about your partner.

Cons: online communication cannot replace face-to-face interaction. It is a bit difficult to evaluate a person without meeting in real life.  

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