Dating An Indian American Man

Posted on Friday, November 29, 2019

If in the near future, you are going to date an Indian man, then here are a few things to consider. These things will help you get into a serious relationship with an Indian man.

Tradition and family

India has a tradition in which family life is a priority. In case you are not Indian, but your partner is, then family events and occasions are soon going to become a part of your life. You can ask questions and know more about Indian traditions and values. This will show your enthusiasm and respect for the culture. Be ready some family members may not impress you immediately, but within a short period, you will start getting their love. You need to let your date know about your traditions. Determine whether your values and lifestyles are compatible with Indian traditions and lifestyles or not.

In case you both are from India, then do not take values and traditions for granted because one of you may be giving more importance to it. If you both are vegetarians, then it is good advice to know about each other likings and dislikes.


It is obvious that you may have some expectations and assumptions about a relationship irrespective of the culture or heritage. Traditionally Indian dating was not on the scene because arranged marriages are in the culture. If you have never dated an Indian before, then you need to understand how the household chores are divided after marriage. Indian men are progressive as well as traditional in the view of women’s roles. You need to discuss it clearly with your date in the initial stages of your relationship to Dating An Indian American Man and woman.

Unfortunately, many Indian men like to marry a virgin even if they have slept with their girlfriends. Have a word with your partner about sexual boundaries and expectations. You are not supposed to move forward physically if your relationship is filled with traditions. Wait and you will never regret doing it.

If you give importance to sex in your relationship, then you are supposed to let your partner know about it. It is important that you both should respect each other’s traditions and values. Remember if you both are compatible only then your relationship will continue, otherwise it will hit a roadblock.

Clarity of intent

The better part of dating in Indian is that you can clear your intention is in the beginning. If you are planning to get married, then it will always be in the discussion. 

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