What it is like to date a Punjabi Girl?

Posted on Friday, November 22, 2019

Dating a Punjabi girl can be literally very exciting and happy at the same time. When someone dates a Punjabi girl he can never be out of food. Punjabi girls are a big food junkie. They don’t care much about dieting and calories. Dating a Punjabi girl means you need a proper workout. She is bold and amazing in her looks. Punjabi girls attract most of the people just by their looks and personality. They are chubby and very cute.  Punjabi girls look way beautiful than any other girl. 

When someone dates a Punjabi girl, he can never skip lassi at her residence. Dating a Punjabi girl means lassi is fixed every morning with her. Their days don’t work out without a full-fat glass of "Lassi". Well, dating a Punjabi girl comes with an added advantage for you. Punjabi girls don’t mess up for you being an alcoholic because she is Punjabi and she knows that people boys drink. In fact, Punjabi girls (not all) also drink and consume alcohol. 

Dating a Punjabi girl means spending most of your time dancing and enjoying. Punjabi girls love to enjoy every moment of their lives whether good or bad. They live their life to the fullest and create happiness all around them. Dating a Punjabi girl means you are never going to be in a problem. Your girl will always stand by you in every fight you have with the outsiders. Punjabi girls are more like “Sher Ka Baccha”. They are girls but they prove themselves that they are never less than boys. Punjabi girls also speak their heart out. They don’t fear what people think about them. So, dating a Punjabi girl means you can do whatever you desire and she will be your partner for all time and in every situation.  So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead and date your Panjabi dream girl.

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